Hersey Choirs

It All Happens Here

Hersey Choirs
It All Happens Here

Premier School Choral Program in Arlington Heights

Helping Choir Students Reach Their Full Potential

John Hersey High School Choirs in Arlington Heights, Illinois isn’t just here to help students develop their choral singing.

We want to instill a lifelong appreciation of the different types of music, a focused work ethic, and a sense of pride in everything they do as members of the choir. Our goal is to provide a space where students feel safe and valued.

Upcoming Events

• 9/6 – CAP+S Meeting at 7PM in the Faculty Lounge
9/14 – Chipotle Eat & Share
• 9/22 – Voices of D214 Festival (during the school day)
9/24 – Fall Flower Sale Pick Up
9/24 – Mattress Sale 10AM – 5PM
• 9/30 – Homecoming Performance - OnStage

Choral – Choral Singing

A Welcoming Community

We welcome all choir students and their parents. Stay tuned for all the wonderful opportunities for everyone this year.

We are excited to see you all soon and make fantastic music and unforgettable memories together.

Disney World Performance

Our choir is going to travel with the orchestra and perform at Disney World. Register today if you haven’t done so yet. There is still time to be part of this incredible experience.


We use the Remind application to communicate with students and their parents. All students and parents should sign up for all the choirs they sing for (e.g., concert choir, onstage, etc.).

If you are a returning member, make sure to register for the new school year. We also encourage all parents to participate in CAP+S, our booster organization.

A great group of parents can do so much to improve the program we offer to your sons and daughters. Help us with making it all happen.

We meet every first Tuesday of each month. Everyone is welcome!



We are hosting a mattress sale fundraiser in the Hersey cafeteria (10am-5pm on Saturday, September 24th) to support the choir program. Choir students will earn money for their student accounts to help pay for program fees, lessons, class trips, etc. Purchase mattresses, pillows, and sheets at competitive prices for a good cause. Share the Facebook event to spread the word, https://www.facebook.com/events/1022062421818789/.

Connect With Us

We’re confident that it’s going to be another wonderful year. Contact us for more information about our choirs and events. We look forward to hearing from you!