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The Choral Association of Parents & Students is our parent booster group. All families are asked to become members to show support of the choral program. See formbelow for fees. The group meets on the second Tuesday of every month (see the Fine Arts Calendar) at 7:00 PM in the Faculty Lounge. The October and February meetings will be General Meetings in the Black Box Theatre at 7 PM. All parents are urged to attend all meetings and become involved. It’s a great place to get information first hand as Ms. Michael/Ms. Langley attend each meeting. The need for parent volunteers doesn’t end in Junior High. The work of this group benefits each student and has a major impact on the opportunities we are able to provide for our students.

cap+s Forms:
1. cap+s Membership Form

2. cap+s Parent Talent Survey - we need YOU!

Who do I talk to about getting involved?

For more information, contact:

Heidi Sprague CAP+S President at 713-252-7770 president@herseychoir.com

Dan or Dawn Chmielewski, CAP+S Vice Presidents at 847-714-2285 vicepresident@herseychoir.com

Bridget Wesley at 847-769-5981 or Mary Miller at 847-452-8990
Volunteer Coorinators volunteers@herseychoir.comm


Where can you go to find out practical information about the choral program, meet other parents, and get involved in the often mysterious life of your teenager?

So what is CAP+S anyway?
The Choral Association of Parents and Students (CAP+S) is our Booster group—and every family is invited and encouraged to become members. Your membership demonstrates support of the choral program, and is a great way to meet other parents.

I thought CAPS was mainly for the parents who are involved in leadership.

Besides, I don’t know anybody.

No, CAP+S really is for everyone! And everyone is encouraged to attend the monthly CAP+S meetings on the second Tuesday of every month at 7:00 PM in the Faculty Lounge.

What happens in the CAPS meetings?

You will get to hear first hand information from Ms Michael and Ms. Langley—think about that! Most of our teenagers aren’t very forthcoming about information about their activities. At CAP+S meetings you can find out about competitions, concerts, volunteer opportunities, etc. And you’ll get to know parents just like you who are excited about this amazing program. You may even hear some funny stories about your student!

Since this is our first year in the choral program, shouldn’t I wait a year and before I get involved and see what the program is like?

Parents who have done this always say, “I wish I had gotten involved earlier.” These high school years fly by, and you will be amazed by the way your support and involvement can make the choral experience even more fun and meaningful.

Director :
Sara Michael

Director Mizz

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